About The Leadership Academy

Reaping and Sowing...

The Leadership Academy allocates a percentage of turnover to sow into areas that are not business related and purely philanthropic. We have a proven record of sowing in kindness and this has been reaped in other areas of advancement and profitability for the business:

  • Funding for families and children
  • Sports in the community
  • Sponsorship of African orphans
  • Scholarships and education

Community and Social

The Leadership Academy is delighted to be able to support a range of activities, helping those who are disadvantaged by their under developed countries.

There is a distinct correlation between the development of the community around us and the success we see in our own lives and businesses. It is the duty of all human beings to benefit and positively impact society in anyway we can in this generation.

We have developed strong and personal links with a range of charities and Trusts, who are serving these very precious under privileged people.

“We have always sought to encourage and support individuals who do not have access to the same opportunities that we take for granted. Even if we only help one individual, it is giving one more person the opportunity to make a future for themselves. Also we find that a little goes a long way!!”
Stuart Klein Managing Partner

Over recent years we have provided:

  • Funding for disadvantaged parents in Sheffield by part funding their attendance at a local Nursery.
  • Materials for a 17 year old orphan, Silas, to build his own house in Kenya, as he was too old to continue to be placed with families.
  • Funding for kit for a local boys football team in one of Sheffield’s disadvantaged areas
  • Funds for orphans in Kenya, in partnership with a Finnish based Trust.
  • Scholarships for Students at Prospect College, Ibadan, Nigeria. Our support has been channelled through the Soteria Trusts. We continue to support their work.

We will continue to financially support the above and further causes that come to our notice, ensuring that a percentage of our turnover continues to give to those that need a helping hand.

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