About The Leadership Academy

What We're All About...

The Leadership Academy provides online and face-to-face training and development for management skills in organisations and individuals alike throughout the UK:

  • Honing Current Leaders' Skills
  • Developing Potential Leaders
  • Practical Approach Training
  • Over 4,000 Leaders Developed To-Date
  • Bottom-line Focussed Ethos
  • Face-to-Face Workshops
  • Online Training Platform
  • Employee National Vocational Qualifications
  • Nationally Recognised Centre
  • Sheffield Based Head Office
  • 24/7 Training Support

About The Leadership Academy

Stuart Klein (Managing Partner - The Leadership Academy) formed Develop UK in 1992 to provide training and development for organisations, enabling them to improve their performance, by developing their people. The company was renamed The Leadership Academy in September 2006 to focus on developing particularly leaders.

‘We exist to develop new and existing Leaders, at all levels, to improve their performance and the performance of their Team and Organisation’.

Through our practical approach, we have developed over 4,000 people and enabled them to add £ millions to the cumulative 'bottom-line' of their organisations.

The Leadership Academy has its head office in Sheffield, United Kingdom. We currently work across the UK, in all business sectors. In response to leaders’ requests we have developed an online approach, which means that leaders can access our quality programmes at a place and time that suits them. We now have a 24/7 development solution!

“One of our main beliefs is that people performing well in their job should be recognised accordingly. We have ensured that our development programmes also carry national recognition for the individual. In essence, employees improve their business and get a nationally recognised certificate!!”
Stuart Klein, Managing Partner

We are a nationally registered centre for the main awarding bodies, (The Institute of Leadership and Management, Matrix and Edexcel). We also deliver non-accredited programmes, aimed at assisting organisations to improve their performance by improving their employees, to increase their contribution.

“There is a great correlation between individual improvement and organisational improvement. We work on both fronts and mostly see quite spectacular results!”
Rick Franckeiss, Partner
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