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    Leadership Knowledge Module

    By completing this following module you will gain the relevant knowledge to complete the assessment questionnaires relevant to this award.

    Assessment Questionnaire

    The award programme includes the following assessment questionnaire you will have to complete:


    • Introduction to Leadership
    • Leadership Authority
    • Leadership Models
    • Vision - the crucial ingredient
    • Award Assessment test

    The Leadership Award

    Start Your Free Leadership Learning Resource Now

    Anyone thinking of enrolling on our Knowledge Modules, Full NVQs or NVQ Assessment Only programmes can gain credible leadership knowledge through this Leadership Award Unit.

    This award has been designed to provide some foundational knowledge for a 'leadership' learning programme at levels 3, 5 or 7 in the National Standards for Management. It can be credited against these programmes.

    You will receive a 'Leadership Academy' award on completion of this module. This award is available now and Completely FREE.


    Firstly, there's a video to give you a quick insight into using the website and learning material. Also before you can begin learning there's a personal learning diagnostic that will help the course cater for your individual needs. Please click into this and complete the questions you find there.

    The Leadership Academy learning support can be accessed online, over the phone or in person. We'll be there with you every step of the way. We wish you all the best with this programme. Enjoy your learning!


  • The Leadership Award Questionnaire


    To get your full unit award you need to complete the following National Standard criteria. Completion of this award will be accredited to the full programme when you proceed. Four simple questions can be found from clicking the link below.

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