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    • Profit And Loss

      Learning Aims

      On completion of this module you will

      • Understand the issues that affect an organisation and it's future.
      • Have developed an understanding of 'the world of finance', which is relevant to every organisation.
      • Be able to identify how a business is performing by 'reading financials'


      • The 'New Market Place'
      • The World of Finance
      • Accounting Terms
      • Company Types
      • Accounting Systems
      • Profit and Loss
      • Cash Flow Forecast
      • Knowledge Module Test

      Profit and Loss

      Who is this for?

      Anyone working for themselves or an organisation and in particular those in a management/leadership role or aspiring to a management or leadership role, currently or likely to be responsible for the management of physical resources and/or finance.

      This module has been designed to provide the underpinning knowledge requirements for the 'finance' unit at level 5 in the National Standards for Management, notably Unit E1.

      You will recieve a 'Leadership Academy' certificate on completion of this module. The price for this unit is £77.00. Incl. VAT


      Firstly, there's a video to give you a quick insight into using the website and learning material. Also before you can begin learning there's a personal learning diagnostic that will help the course cater for your individual needs. Please click into this and complete the questions you find there.


      The Leadership Academy learning support can be accessed online, over the phone or in person. We'll be there with you every step of the way. We wish you all the best with this programme. Enjoy your learning!


  • Profit and Loss

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